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Produced by:
  Dale Rosenbloom & William Gazecki
Directed by:
  William Gazecki
Cinematography by:
  Eric Reiner
Music by:
  Ashley Witt
Executive Producers:
  Henry Bloomstein & Gene Schwam
Associate Producer:
  Scott Goldie

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"A highly impacting gut and heart-wrenching story that hits all-too-close to home, Reckless Indifference is a film you will find yourself thinking about long after you’ve seen it. Director William Gazecki uses his storytelling prowess to weave both sides of this teen-drug-death-injustice tragedy into a powerfully moving experience that is sure to keep you fully engaged with its intensity."
-David Stucke, Grassroots Cinema-

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Reckless Indifference began as a classic American suburban nightmare of teens, drugs, parents and prison. It has become a compelling story of obfuscation, betrayal, and preferential justice. The film tells the true story of how a backyard brawl at the home of a teenaged drug dealer resulted in the death of the drug dealer's best friend, who by coincidence was the son of a Los Angeles Police Department officer. The ensuing trial sent four teenage boys to prison for life without parole, notwithstanding that only one of the four teenage boys wielded a pocket knife to protect his younger brother, and willingly confessed to his crime.

Reckless Indifference also reveals the naivete, guilt and denial of middle class families caught up in the criminal justice system, and chronicles how an overzealous prosecutorial team propelled by the vengeful and grief-stricken LAPD officer's family eagerly abuse an obscure law to their advantage. The Felony Murder Rule states that anyone present during the commission of a felony where death occurs is automatically liable for First Degree Murder. Four teenage boys, only one of whom wielded a weapon (ostensibly in self-defense), now sit in Level IV Maximum Security State Prisons for the rest of their lives. They will never see freedom again.

With a newly updated Epilogue, Reckless Indifference now shows for the first time the perjury of its star witness, Michael McLoren, upon whose testimony a conviction was won. As told through the eyes of veteran criminal attorney William Genego, McLoren was given total immunity from prosecution before testifying on the witness stand -- a fact kept from both the defense and the jury. In addition, the Epilogue also has an exclusive taped conversation with convicted inmate Brandon Hein, offering his thoughts on what that past 9 unjust years in prison have been like for him.

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4 out of 4 Stars
PLUS Editors Choice from
Video Librarian

"Highly Recommended"
Library Journal

"Young Adult Recommendation"

3.5 out of 5 Stars on


New York Times Review

60 Minutes IIon CBS, "Life in Prison: Felony Murder"

MOVIE-GURUS.COM review -- 3 1/2 Stars

Winner: Best Documentary, Golden Satellite Awards (Press Academy) lists Golden Satellite Winners

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The Acorn -- "Appeals Underway..."

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